Terms of Agreement

Checkout Price

The value of the wheels are NOT $52. The $52 checkout price in the used wheel marketplace is a non-refundable deposit required by the buyer in order secure the wheels for purchase. You do not own the wheels at this point. You are committing to purchase the wheels at listed price by paying a deposit of $52. Your final invoice requesting full payment will itemize the ad's listing price, minus the deposit paid, in a true deposit fashion. Should the buyer back out of the transaction, the $52 deposit will be forfeited to LittleWheelsClub at that time. 


After checkout you, the buyer, are granted 10 business days to remit payment to the seller before deposit and purchasing rights are forfeited to LittleWheelsClub. PayPal information will be provided by the seller which you will be submitting final payment to. PayPal is our recommended method of online transactions, however, an agreement can be made between the buyer and seller for an alternative payment method at their discretion.

How is shipping handled?

LittleWheelsClub is not responsible for facilitating shipping, however, will be happy to request a shipping quote from the seller before committing to a purchase. Please submit a request including your shipping address and we'll get back to you as soon as we hear from the seller. Ultimately, the agreement on shipping will be at the discretion of the buyer and seller during final payment.