About Us/FAQ

What is LittleWheelsClub?

What started out as a little wheel appreciation page on Instagram has turned into something more- The overwhelming novelty and love of vintage wheels is clear and the demand for merchandise to show support is now a reality. We are here in support for the little wheel movement that we love just as much as you! Our focus remains on daily wheel content on our Instagram and Facebook page, however, we will occasionally release limited run merchandise for our supporters to collect.

Do you sell wheels?

No, we do not sell wheels at this current time.

Do you offer wheel services?

We would love to, however, we do not at the moment. Because we expect the highest standards in quality and finish, we are still looking into the possibility and reality of providing wheel services like refurbishing, polishing, resizing, parts, etc, as a small business.

Do you ship international?

Of course we do! We have supporters all over the world and it would be a shame if we didn't ship our merchandise globally. Please keep in mind that passing merchandise through customs can cause a delay in receiving your items.

Why is shipping international expensive?

While I try my best to provide you with the best possible shipping rates allowed with my business account, shipping international can be a bit expensive.

  • HINT: if you find you must ship using Large Envelope, split your order into two separate orders so that they can be shipped in two smaller envelopes to save some cost!